Exclusive Facials Tailored to your skin type and need

You are going to love our exclusive facials tailored to your skin type and need.  These facials promise to help maintain and restore your natural glow, bringing balance to your skin, improving skin tone, texture and clarity.

Facial Options

Express Glow

This facial encourages the restoration, maintenance and repair of your skin.  Featuring deep cleansing, steaming, and a customized mask based on your skin care needs to rehydrate and nourish your skin.

The Ultimate Gleaming Goddess

Reawaken your skin with this ultimate facial experience revealing a smoother, vibrant and more youthful complexion.  This ultimate facial will commence with  deep cleansing to remove impurities, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, customized mask based on your skin care needs, and a vitamin C treatment mask to encourage cellular regeneration and collagen production.

Red light therapy

Red light therapy is a form form of low-level light therapy, but these wavelengths are in the spectral range of 630 to 660 nanometres. Red light is able to penetrate into the skin where it stimulates fibroblasts to promote collagen production and may reduce the appearance of fine lines, it also calms irritation and speeds up the healing process.